Birth Injuries

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Birth injuries often occur when a baby did not receive sufficient oxygen during the birthing process. Other types of injuries also occur during birth, including orthopedic injuries.

A hypoxic brain injury may result in conditions such as cerebral palsy. Damage to nerves in the shoulder may result in Erb’s palsy. In some cases, these birth injuries are natural occurrences, the results of difficult labor.

In other cases, medical professionals acted negligently and should be held accountable for their mistakes through a malpractice lawsuit.

Determining Full Compensation After a Birth Injury

A hypoxic injury to the brain of a newborn baby is a very expensive proposition for any family. Severe neurological damage may mean an impaired child will require living assistance for as long as he or she lives. The child may never speak, walk or feed himself or herself.

A baby with Erb’s palsy, on the other hand, may lose use of an arm. A child with this disability faces a life of hardship and discrimination. Besides needing money during childhood, for care, therapy and special education of a child born disabled due to birth injury, parents typically worry about how the child will be cared for after they are no longer able to help.

Financial compensation can give such parents peace of mind that their child will have a dignified future even after their death, and will not be “institutionalized.” Trustees and conservators can be appointed to administer and handle care of the disabled child after the parents’ death.

To calculate what monetary compensation might be available after a birth injury, we bring appropriate experts into the equation:

  • life care planners
  • special education specialists
  • catastrophic injury specialists
  • economists
  • financial planners and others.

Through careful planning and management of resources through a disability trust, a settlement or verdict can be made to provide for a child while still maintaining his or her eligibility to receive appropriate public assistance. At the end of the day, our clients’ success is our professional satisfaction.

We are in the practice of personal injury and medical malpractice law in order to help those who need our help. Our attorneys are here to answer your questions and to represent your child if you and we agree to work together to pursue monetary compensation.

Whether your baby was injured as a result of negligence during prenatal care, during labor, during delivery or during postnatal care, our attorneys welcome the opportunity to listen and advise you.

In a birth injury case, you may make a claim against a health care provider: obstetrician, nurse, sonogram specialist, clinic or hospital.

Contact our law office to schedule a free initial consultation. Our birth injury attorneys handle most birth injury cases on a contingency fee basis. We don’t obtain attorney fees unless we obtain compensation for you.

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