Emergency Room Malpractice

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In order to operate an emergency room, a hospital must comply with certain laws and regulations as well as follow standards of care accepted by the medical profession. When they fail to do so, they can be held accountable for medical negligence.

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Was It Emergency Room Malpractice?

A 1986 federal patient-dumping law entitles you to three things: screening, emergency care and appropriate transfers. A hospital must provide ‘stabilizing care’ for a patient with an emergency medical condition before rejecting or transferring a patient. “The hospital must screen for the emergency and provide the care without inquiring about your ability to pay.”

This means that if you presented yourself to an emergency room with life-threatening conditions and were turned away for inability to pay, the emergency room management may be guilty of failure to comply with government regulations.

Furthermore, if you presented yourself with symptoms of a heart attack, stroke, meningitis or aneurysm and were not property treated, responsible doctors or support personnel may have failed to meet accepted standards of care within the medical profession.

  • Did you or a family member suffer pain and hardship because of undiagnosed appendicitis resulted in a ruptured appendix and infection?
  • Did emergency room doctors order an X-ray after you suffered a bone fracture — but neglected to read the results and set off a chain of events culminating in a worse outcome than you should have had?
  • Now perhaps you require repeated surgery or a lengthy recuperation period that should not have been necessary if reasonable standards of care had been met. Emergency room malpractice occurred — and you may need monetary compensation.

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