Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Failure to Diagnose Cancer

A diagnosis of breast cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma or colon cancer is a serious and painful prospect for anyone to face. However, early intervention in the case of many cancers can give treating physicians the opportunity to save the patient’s life and give him or her the opportunity to live out a normal life span.

Advances in oncology mean that for many people, a diagnosis of breast cancer or kidney cancer, if acted upon quickly enough and aggressively enough, need not be a death sentence.

But failure to diagnose cancer or other serious conditions — and delayed treatment of the same diseases — may lead to a nightmare of pain and disappointment after the cancer has already spread throughout the body.

It is possible to hold a doctor accountable for failure to diagnose cancer, but there are specific factors you must meet before you can recover compensation for this form of medical negligence. Learn more by contacting the attorneys at Coppola & Melonakis.

The Devastating Consequences of Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

In the case of any type of cancer, early diagnosis is the best ticket to hope. During Stage I, for example, breast cancer may be beat through a simple lumpectomy. Failure to diagnose cancer at an early stage may mean that the cancer is given the opportunity to metastasize, spread and grow. Delayed diagnosis may bring about devastating consequences that should have been unnecessary had the medical malpractice not occurred.

During Stage II, III or IV, treatment options are fewer and more radical. Removal of a breast, radiation, chemotherapy and aggressive surgeries to parts of the body affected by the cancer may lie in store for a cancer patient whose condition was not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner.

Did you report symptoms of melanoma to your primary physician in Colorado — only to have those symptoms dismissed? And now your prospects are greatly diminished? What could have been corrected with simple outpatient surgery has now progressed to the point that you face a likely early death instead.

Contact an Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Whether your primary care physician, a specialist, a laboratory technician or medical professional dropped the ball, our attorneys welcome the opportunity to listen and advise you after misdiagnosis has robbed you of opportunities for a better outcome.

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