Prescription Medication Errors

Experienced Prescription Medication Error Attorneys

If you were injured or your loved one was killed due to a prescription error or drug administration mistake, contact a medication error lawyer at Coppola & Melonakis to schedule an exploratory conversation about your case. Our law firm is well recognized for our adept handling of medication error and other medical malpractice cases.

Schedule a free initial consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer regarding a potential medication error claim against any of the following individuals or institutions:

  • The prescribing physician
  • The medical clinic
  • The pharmacist
  • The pharmacy
  • A drug manufacturer
  • A hospital or nursing home where medication was administered
  • A nurse or other helping professional

Did you suffer injury and harm when your prescribing doctor neglected to screen for potential dangerous interactions between the medication he was prescribing and other medications that you were taking?

Did a pharmacist neglect to warn you of those potential interactions, or instruct you properly on how to take the medication?

Were you prescribed the wrong medication — or wrong amounts? Was an overdose or any wrong dosage delivered to you in a hospital setting? Was the wrong IV drip administered?

Speak to an Experienced Lawyer About Your Medication Error Case

Whether you were injured or your loved one was killed due to an error in an emergency room, in surgery, through administration or prescription of medication or in a birth injury, our attorneys welcome the opportunity to listen and advise you.

In a medical malpractice case, you may make a claim against a health care provider: doctor, nurse, therapist, clinic, hospital or nursing home.

Call or e-mail our law offices to schedule a free initial consultation with a medication error lawyer. We handle most cases on a contingency fee basis. We don’t charge attorney fees unless we obtain compensation for you.