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While most legal opponents will settle car accident injury claims before going to court, at the law office of Coppola Law, we prepare each motor vehicle accident case as if it were headed for trial — knowing that in most cases, this strengthens our clients’ cases and increases their chances for maximum financial recovery.

Our track record of multi-million dollar verdicts puts our clients’ opponents on notice that we can and will fight for the right to monetary compensation after a car accident, a truck accident, a bicycle accident, a motorcycle accident or another auto collision. Contact us at Coppola Law, to schedule a free initial consultation.

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In a head-on or rear-end collision or any other motor vehicle accident resulting in injury or fatality, the negligence may lie with another individual or entity such as:

  • The driver of another vehicle who was texting while driving or talking on a cellphone
  • A drunk driver or the liquor establishment that overserved the individual
  • A distracted driver who was tending to children or another distraction rather than focusing on traffic
  • A city engineer, construction company or other entity responsible for poor road design or lack of proper signage
  • A car manufacturer or tire installer who produced or provided an automobile defect such as a defective tire
  • A child safety seat manufacturer that designed a defective and unsafe product
  • A manufacturer that failed to implement a recommended car part recall, resulting in an auto fire or explosio

Regardless of where fault and liability are found, our car accident lawyers go into “battle” armed and ready to protect our clients’ positions, whether in settlement negotiations with insurers, in mediation, in arbitration or before a jury in a courtroom

Our motor vehicle accident lawyers advocate for the interests of victims involved in all types of motor vehicle accidents, from passenger vehicle accidents such as single- and multi vehicle rollovers to bus and commercial vehicle accidents.

A Successful Claim or Lawsuit for a Car Accident Victim Is Our Badge of Honor

There is a saying, “No one likes trial attorneys until they need one.” We do not practice law on behalf of car accident victims to persuade insurance claims adjusters to like us. Rather, we are here to help those who need our help:  those whose auto accident cases require the sophisticated level of discovery, preparation and litigation that we are prepared to provide.

Our attorneys practice personal injury law to help the injured and their families obtain monetary compensation after suffering brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and other serious injuries in car and other types of accidents.

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