Auto Fires and Explosions

Denver Car Fire Accident Lawyer

Auto Fires & Explosions

Car accidents and crashes often result in substantial personal injuries. But when a fuel tank is punctured in a crash, the accident often becomes fatal for drivers and passengers. Gas tank fires spread rapidly and expand quickly — often leading to deadly explosions, which take the lives of numerous people each year.

At the law firm of Coppola Law, we represent people throughout Colorado in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits related to car fires. Our clients are people who sustained serious injuries, including burns, scars and disfigurement in car fires. By taking action, we help them gain access to the burn injury treatment and continuing car they need to move forward with their lives.

Dangerous and Defective Car Parts

Many of the cases we handle involve car accidents that were made worse because the cars involved were defectively designed or manufactured. Our lawyers have a great deal of experience with these product liability lawsuits, and have the resources, knowledge and experience necessary to handle them effectively.

Each car fire is different. Depending on the situation, make and model of the car, many different dangerous or defective automotive parts may be involved:

  • Gas tanks
  • Ignition system wires
  • Electrical system wiring
  • Damaged fuel lines
  • Damaged hoses, caps and filters
  • Improperly installed mufflers
  • Improperly installed exhaust systems

Fatal Car Fires

Most car fires are not caused by car accidents. However, car accidents that cause fires are most often linked to wrongful death. If you have lost a family member in a car fire, you may be able to take legal action.

We represent the surviving family members of people killed in car crash fires. These fires are often caused when a rear-end collision leads to gas tank damage. In these cases, investigation often reveals that a defective automobile was to blame.

By designing cars so that gas tanks are badly placed or left unprotected, auto manufacturers put drivers’ and passengers’ lives in jeopardy. We hold them accountable for the harm they cause.

Contact Our Attorneys About Your Car Fire Injuries

Personal injury litigation is complex — especially when a dangerous or defective automobile is involved. It is critical to talk with an experienced attorney at Coppola Law, before trying to handle the matter yourself.