Bicycle Accidents

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Bicycles are used for both recreation and for serious transportation for commuters in Denver and elsewhere. Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Boulder all have extensive bike paths that facilitate travel by bicycle for work, school or pleasure.

Bike paths are supposed to keep bicycles and cars separate most of the time, but sometimes those bike paths cross a street — and sometimes collisions occur at such vulnerable intersections.

Other bicycle accidents occur when bicyclists collide with hikers and other pedestrians on bike paths, off the road or on city streets. Dogs off their leashes — or escaping from owners’ control — sometimes chase bicyclists on bike paths and elsewhere, causing them to fall.

No matter how a bicycle accident occurs, it often results in serious injuries because of the vulnerability of the rider, with or without a helmet. You need an experienced and dedicated injury lawyer after a bicycle accident to pursue and obtain monetary compensation for your injuries.

Bicycle accident injuries can include:

Whether you were the bicyclist, the pedestrian or the motorist in an accidental injury involving a bicycle, our lawyers welcome the opportunity to listen and advise you.

In an accidental injury case involving a bicycle, the injured bicyclist may be able to recover compensation through the car driver’s insurance, through his or her own auto insurance, through homeowners or renters insurance or perhaps from other sources.

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