Bus and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Bus and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Although nobody likes to think they are at risk, riding on commercial vehicles is often a dangerous experience. Each year in Colorado, numerous passengers are injured on buses, trains, vans and other commercial vehicles they thought were safe.

Our Attorneys Are Experienced in Colorado Mass Transit Accident Cases

At the law firm of Coppola Law, we represent people who have been injured on commercial vehicles. Our experienced attorneys have the resources, knowledge and experience necessary to handle these cases successfully.

We are capable of handling auto accidents cases related to many different types of mass transit, including:

Who Is to Blame for Bus Accidents?

There are many different reasons why bus accidents occur. Defectively designed or manufactured vehicle may often be to blame. Sometimes, vehicles have not been properly maintained.

Other times, operators fail to follow proper safety procedures — especially in steep mountain conditions or inclement weather. In some cases, drivers may even be improperly trained, unqualified or intoxicated behind the wheel.

When we take a bus accident case, we begin with a thorough investigation of all the facts and laws involved. We investigate the driver’s safety record and the record of other accidents in which the same bus company was involved. We also look at the make and model of the bus to see if an auto defect could be responsible.

This thorough inspection must frequently be conducted by an expert. We have the resources necessary to partner with a network of highly-regarded experts throughout the United States.

Expert testimony is often critical to a cases success. In partnering with engineers, accident reconstructionists and mechanical experts, we build thorough and convincing cases that help our clients achieve the best possible results.

Quick Action Is Key in Bus Accident Litigation

In a bus accident case, quick action is the key to maximizing your recovery. Even before injury victims have even thought about filing a lawsuit, bus companies, their insurers and lawyers are preparing their defenses. They often send teams to the scene of the accident to collect evidence and talk with the bus driver.

We handle most cases on a contingency fee basis. We don’t charge attorney fees unless we obtain monetary compensation for you.