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Riding through Colorado’s picturesque roads and by-ways is popular in most seasons. But accidents do occur, often in the most unexpected locations. Motorcycle accidents are often more serious than accidents involving cars or trucks, simply due to the nature of the vehicle itself.

Unlike other vehicles, motorcyclists lack the protection of a car frame, seat belt or airbag in a crash. There is rarely, if ever, any such thing as a “minor fender bender” when it comes to motorcycle accidents, so the injuries motorcyclists experience are life changing.

At Coppola Law, we represent motorcycle accident victims and their families in personal injury and wrongful death litigation throughout Colorado. We work closely with our clients. Learning how the motorcycle accident has impacted them, we are better able to tell their stories to judges and juries.

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Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Whether the motorcyclist is wearing a helmet or not, a crash with a car or truck — or with a tree, fence or pothole — can result in serious consequences, such as the following:

Personal Injury Attorneys Who Stand Up for Motorcyclists

When our client is the injured motorcyclist (or surviving family member when the motorcyclist was killed), we make a special point of standing up for his or her rights. Motorcyclists have just as much legal right to use the roadway as do other motorists. We do not allow an insurance claim adjuster, a judge or a jury to exercise unchecked bias against an injured motorcyclist.

“He accepted the risk.”

“I just didn’t see him — he must have been speeding.”

Injured motorcyclists are often bombarded with hurtful comments. These and other complaints against motorcyclists are often heard, even when the motorcyclist was in the right and the automobile driver was in the wrong.

Our lawyers zealously advocate on behalf of people injured in all kinds of accidents, and do not tolerate such considerations that deny the motorcyclist the right to move about in traffic according to the laws of the road.

After a Motorcycle Accident, Let Us Help You

However your bike crash occurred — even if you think you were in the wrong — our attorneys welcome the opportunity to listen and advise you. In a motorcycle accident case, you may have a claim against another motorist, against the motorcycle manufacturer or against a government body that was negligent in road maintenance.

Call or e-mail our law office to schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. We handle most cases on a contingency fee basis. We don’t charge attorney fees unless we obtain monetary compensation for you.