Victims of Drunk Drivers

Hit By a Drunk Driver in the Denver Area?

Drunk driving is not restricted to operation of cars and trucks. Drunk driving can also involve impaired operation of other types of motorized vehicles, including jet skis, motorboats, snowmobiles and ATVs.

When a drunk driver of any type of vehicle causes an injury that injures or kills someone (passenger of the drunk driver or driver or occupant of the other vehicle), this fact is of course of interest to the personal injury attorney who represents the injured or family member of the deceased.

If you were injured in an accident involving a drunk driver — even if you were the drunk driver — you are urged not to talk to anyone about the accident before you are represented by an attorney. Contact us for more information specific to the facts of your case.

Special Factors in Drunk Driving Accident Cases

Important factors to consider include examination into where the person got drunk. Did he or she become drunk at a bar or restaurant? If so, dram shop liability laws may apply — and the bar or restaurant may share legal responsibility for the auto accident.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will monitor the criminal case when another driver received a DUI citation after a car or truck accident that resulted in injury or death.

The sooner one of our drunk driving accident attorneys is on board in a car accident case, the more skillfully we can help preserve all evidence and advise our clients on the course of action most likely to result in monetary compensation.

After a Crash Involving a Drunk Driver, Our Lawyers Can Advise You

Whether you were at fault or not, whether you yourself were impaired or not in a drunk driving accident, our attorneys welcome the opportunity to listen and advise you.