Personal Injury

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Personal injury laws provide compensation to the victims and survivors of accidents caused by negligence or wrongdoing. Through a personal injury lawsuit, a victim can hold one or more parties accountable for the physical, economic and emotional injuries suffered in an accident.

Have you been injured in a car accident, truck accident or airplane accident? Were your injuries the result of a defective product, a doctor’s negligence or a property owner’s failure to maintain his or her property? Schedule a free consultation with the experienced personal injury lawyers at Coppola & Melonakis. Call 303-573-7777 or send us an e-mail.

How Can We Help You Bring a Personal Injury Claim?

Once our Denver personal injury lawyers accept a personal injury case, we conduct a thorough investigation into the causes and events of the accident. We develop theories of liability — determining who was at fault. We look closely at the nature and scope of the injuries. We locate all potential sources of monetary compensation. Legally speaking, this process is called “discovery,” and will likely include depositions from key witnesses followed by negotiation and/or a trial.

The goals of discovery include the following:

  • Identifying eyewitnesses
  • Communicating with doctors to get a thorough understanding of the injured person’s long-range prognosis
  • Documenting all known facts
  • Pinpointing who is responsible
  • Examining who is economically liable, and exploring insurance coverage that is available to those parties

Determining liability is not as simple as it may seem. In a serious car accident, for example, potential defendants may include “the other driver,” a car parts manufacturer, a third driver or a government entity that did not properly upkeep the roads or post proper signs.

Our many years of experience have given us the tools, the knowledge and the reputation necessary to properly investigate accidents, determine liability, uncover the full extent of a victim’s injuries and recover fair compensation.

We have pursued and obtained many successful outcomes on behalf of the injured in a wide range of situations.  To schedule a free consultation with the personal injury attorneys at Coppola & Melonakis call 303-573-7777 or email our law office today.