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A spectacular landing by a US Airways airplane on the Hudson River in 2009 was a stark reminder of the vulnerability of both crew and passengers in flight. Apparently, a bird (or birds) sent the Airbus A320 on course for collision.

C.B. Sullenberger, a highly experienced pilot, brought the plane down successfully in the water, just outside of New York City, saving the lives of everyone on board. A city, a nation and a world breathed a collective sigh of relief at the sight of the dramatic rescue.

This story had a happy ending. Similar stories often end tragically. In many instances, a private airplane or a commercial plane becomes a vehicle of doom for the people on board — and even for people on land who are unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When an Airplane Becomes Deadly

An airplane crash typically injures or kills many passengers and crew members. Every person on an airplane that crashes has a separate legal claim against responsible parties: perhaps the airline, the pilot, the airport, an equipment manufacturer, and insurance companies that insure them.

Our lawyers have successfully represented many airplane crash victims and their families over the years, including people injured in private airplane accidents.

Typical injuries of passengers and crew members include:

Clear communication with health care providers is critical as we seek to determine an injured person’s long-term prognosis.

When we can put a dollar amount on the patient’s needs, we can begin to prepare a well-founded claim for compensation that an injured person will need.

Causes of Serious Injuries Resulting from Airplane Crashes

Primary causes of airplane crashes include:

  • Human error
  • Birds flying into plane engines while aloft
  • Maintenance defects, or
  • Atmospheric conditions such as wind shear and other types of foul weather.

Our law firm engages expert witnesses such as accident reconstructionists and product engineers to build strong legal claims against negligent parties.

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