Negligent Security

Was Your Injury Caused by Negligent Security?

If you have been attacked on private property, you probably know firsthand that the experience can be life changing. Attack victims often report a frightening, painful and devastating event that leaves them afraid for years to come. The experience only becomes worse when investigation reveals that the property owner could have protected the accident victim from harm — but chose not to act.

At Coppola Law, we represent the victims of attacks and injuries on others’ property in premises liability lawsuits. These legal actions hold building owners accountable for negligent security in apartment buildings, hotels, shopping malls, resorts, nightclubs and parking lots, among other places.

When Property Owners Know About the Danger

Most of these cases involve a history of dangerous activities or violent attacks on the property, which the property owner knew about. Often, previous crimes were reported to the police or to the owner directly. Instead of tightening security, the property owner refused to take action.

Investigation often reveals that building owners could have taken measures to prevent further attacks or violence on their properties — often at minimal cost:

  • Installing video surveillance cameras
  • Installing or repairing intercom systems
  • Changing locks
  • Changing security policies
  • Hiring security guards
  • Warning patrons or residents of potential dangers

Taking Action & Stopping the Cycle of Violence

Failing to take these measures, however, often means that attacks may happen again and again. At Coppola Law, our focus is on holding property owners accountable for failing to protect people on their property.

We stand up for people who would otherwise not have a voice in Colorado courts — people like the victims of robberies, rapes, attacks, kidnappings, hijacking and gang activity — and make sure that property owners are held accountable for their actions.

When our attorneys achieve favorable settlements and jury verdicts, our clients can use the compensation to rebuild their lives and move forward. We hope that our work also prevents the same harm from happening to others in the future. We aim to send property owners a clear message — that proper security measures must be in place to protect customers and building residents.

Let us stand up for you. Contact the premises liability lawyers at Coppola Law today!