Truck Accidents

Involved in an Accident with a Semi Truck?

A truck accident is very often devastating for occupants of any car involved in the crash. The size, weight and momentum of an 18-wheeler or even an in-town delivery truck can overwhelm the typical automobile. Seat belts often offer little protection when a tractor trailer and a smaller vehicle collide.

In Colorado, truck accidents occur on highways such as Interstates 25 and 70, but they also occur on lesser highways and city streets and in parking lots.

Railroad crossing accidents, crashes with stationary objects such as light poles, dock cargo loading accidents, wide turn intersection crashes and rear-end collisions in heavy traffic are a few ways in which truck accidents occur.

Causes of semi truck or tractor-trailer accidents include sudden changes in weather, mechanical problems, impaired driving, overcrowded roadways, driver fatigue and negligent driving.

Skilled Handling of All Phases of Your Truck Accident Case

Our lawyers have extensive experience and a favorable track record representing victims of truck accidents, and all areas of a case including:

  • A free initial consultation
  • A thorough investigation into the accident
  • A detailed evaluation of injuries and resulting costs, both financial and intangible
  • A well-developed theory of negligence and liability
  • Identification of all potential sources of compensation such as insurance coverage for the truck driver, the trucking dispatch company, the loaders of the cargo, the tire and brakes manufacturers, government entities responsible for road signs and maintenance, and other sources
  • Negotiations and/or litigation versus responsible parties and their insurers

Crush injuries, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are often associated with truck-versus-car accidents. An injury victim may spend the rest of his or her life needing personal care and unable to work.

The financial costs as well as emotional losses are tremendous. To estimate how much money a catastrophically injured truck accident victim is likely to need over a lifetime, our attorneys collaborate with knowledgeable life care planners.

Contact our law office to schedule a free initial consultation. We handle most personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t charge attorney fees unless we obtain monetary compensation for you.