Long Term Medical Needs for Spinal Cord Injury

Long-Term Medical Care Needs & Monetary Compensation for Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury is often a sudden, traumatic event that divides a person’s life permanently into “before” and “after” segments. Injured patients and their families go through an intense time of shock, sorrow, healing and readjustment when paralysis is the outcome of a spinal cord injury.

After the initial trauma is past, however, it is time to prepare for a lifetime ahead of adaptation and coping. Life care planners with experience helping many spinal cord injury victims and their families have valuable information and guidance to offer. Compensation for a spinal cord injury must allow for paying home health aids and other care providers to monitor and treat expected medical problems of the future.

Taking Prevention and Care Into Account in Your Spine Injury Case

Prevention and care of conditions, including the following must be part of the overall plan to care for a paralyzed person:

  • Prevention of infection through careful handling of body waste devices (catheters and colon draining bags)
  • Prevention of bedsores and pressure ulcers
  • Prevention of injuries such as fractures which might go undetected due to the person’s lack of sensation of pain
  • Due attention give to any psychiatric needs resulting from depression

Coppola Law represents spinal cord injury victims, providing much-needed support and help to families. Legal action needs to take long-term medical needs into account when compensation for a spinal cord injury is being calculated.

Discuss Compensation for a Spinal Cord Injury with an Experienced Lawyer

Our attorneys have years of experience and a dedication to serving clients on an individual basis at Coppola Law. We formed this smaller law firm with the purpose of being free to give our clients’ compensation claims our full attention. We are well aware of the importance of placing a dollar value on projected long-term medical needs as we determine what monetary compensation for a spinal injury victim should be.